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All Mycotoxins

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Catalog No.Productsize
941AFL01M-96Total Aflatoxins: grains, cereals96-tests
941BAFL01B1-96Aflatoxin B1: grains, cereals, cottonseeds. (Rapid Format) 96-tests
941DON01M-96Deoxynivalenol (DON): grains and cereals, animal feed96-tests
941OCH01M-96Ochratoxin: grains and cereals, animal feed96-tests
951FUM01C-96NEW Fumonisin: maize(corn)96-tests
951ZEA01G-96NEW Zearalenone: corn, barley, oats, wheat, rice, sorghum96-tests
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961OCH01COF-96 Low MatrixOchratoxin A: coffee, cocoa, cocoa butter and spices 96-tests
961OCH01COF-Qual Low Matrix Ochratoxin A (Qualitative): coffee, cocoa, cocoa butter and spices96-tests
961AFLM01M-96 Low MatrixAflatoxin M1: milk and dairy products (High Sensitivity)96-tests
961AFLM01M-US-96 Low MatrixAflatoxin M1 2000: milk and dairy products (Rapid Format)96-tests
981AFL01LM-QL-96 Low MatrixAflatoxin (Qualitative & Low Matrix): grains, corn, nuts, cereal, animal feed96-tests
981AFL01LM-96 Low MatrixTotal Aflatoxins: grains and cereal, silage, nuts, spices, animal feed96-tests
981BAFL01LM-96 Low MatrixAflatoxin B1: baby formulas, oils, nuts, etc. (Low Matrix)96-tests
981OCH01W-96 Low MatrixOchratoxin Qualitative: wine, grapes juice, grape must96-tests
981OCH01W-48 Low MatrixOchratoxin Qualitative: wine, grapes juice, grape must48-tests
981OCH01ALC-96 Low MatrixOchratoxin (Quantitative) : wine, grapes juice, grape must, beer96-tests
991OCH01MS-96 Low MatrixOchratoxin A: human and animal milk, serum, urine, and plasma96-tests
991AFLM01U-96 Low MatrixAflatoxin M1 ELISA For Urine96-tests



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