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The MycoMonitor Total Aflatoxin Assay is a solid phase direct competitive enzyme immunoassay. An aflatoxin specific antibody optimized to cross react with all four subtypes of aflatoxin (see cross-reactivity information) is coated to a polystyrene microwell. Toxins are extracted from a ground sample with 70% methanol. The extracted sample and HRP-conjugated aflatoxin B1 are mixed and added to the antibody-coated microwell. Aflatoxin from the extracted sample and HRP-conjugated aflatoxin B1 compete to bind with the antibody coated to the microwell. Microwell contents are decanted and non-specific reactants are removed by washing. An enzyme substrate (TMB) is added and color (blue) develops. The intensity of the color is directly proportional to the amount of bound conjugate and inversely proportional to the concentration of aflatoxin in the sample or standard. Therefore, as the concentration of aflatoxin in the sample or standard increases, the intensity of the blue color will decrease. An acidic stop solution is added which changes the chromagen color from blue to yellow. The microwells are measured optically by a microplate reader with an absorbance filter of 450nm (OD450). The optical densities of the samples are compared to the OD's of the kit standards and an interpretative result is determined.

Intended Use

The MycoMonitor Total Aflatoxin Assay is a competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay intended for the quantitative detection of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in grains, nuts, cottonseeds, cereals and other commodities including animal feeds.


  ng/mL ppb sample
1 0.0 0.0
2 0.2 1.0
3 0.5 2.5
4 1.0 5.0
5 2.0 10.0
6 4.0 20.0
Safe limit of detection     1.0ppb  



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